Sarah j. Martins Da Silva

Sarah j. Martins Da Silva MBChB, MD, MRCOG,

I am a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and NHS Research Scotland Fellow. I have a translational research programme focussed around male infertility, sperm biology and calcium signalling and drug discovery. My clinical activities include general and tertiary infertility clinics, ultrasound scanning, fertility and gynaecology surgery, egg retrieval, surgical sperm retrieval and embryo transfer for IVF / ICSI. I am also interested in studying sperm-egg interactions and fertilisation.  My previous research as a Clinical Fellow examined the processes of folliculogenesis and in vitro oocyte maturation (culminating in award of my MD). Possession of an in-depth understanding of both eggs and sperm uniquely places me to research fertilisation events, and I have established a sperm studies research clinic for couples affected by total failed fertilisation following IVF/ ICSI.

I also contribute to University of Dundee undergraduate and postgraduate teaching (Medical School and College of Life Sciences), including Medical school examinations, and student supervision for BMsC, MSc and PhD. I am an accredited British Fertility Society trainer for Male Subfertility and Gynaecology Ultrasound.