Christian Dadak

Christian Dadak, MD

Current Position:

Professor at the Medical University, Vienna

Specialist for OB/GYN
Head of the Department of Basic and Advanced International
Postgraduate Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics since 2002


Graduation from Medical University 1975

Fellowships and Obstetrics since 2002

Career Milestones:

1974-1975: Internships in Internal Medicine, Surgery and Blood Groups and Transfusion Medicine

1977-82: Assistant Prof. at the 2nd Dept. of OBGYN
1978: Director of Senology at the 2nd Dept. of OBGYN
1988: Associate Professor
1993: Full Professor
1994: Legal Consultant at Court
2009: Visiting Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical College New York
2011: Honored Member of the Russian Association of Perinatal Medicine
2013: Honored Professor of Siberian Medical University Tomsk


Austrian Society of Senology, German Society of Senology

Board member of the Austrian Breast Cancer Study Group
Board member of the Austrian Society of Senology
Board member of the German Society of Senology
President of the Austrian Society of Pre- and Perinatal Medicine
Chairman of the University Commission for Postgradual Education
President of the Austrian Ass. for Promotion of Sexual Medicine and Health