Gilbert Donders
Gilbert Donders,

Pre-graduate Scientific Education
1978‑81: KANDIDAAT  GENEESKUNDE   Limburgs Universitair Centrum Diepenbeek (Belgium)(Cum laude)
1981‑85: DOCTORAAT  GENEESKUNDE  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven(Belgium)      (Cum maxima laude)
Pre-graduate clinical experience: University hospital  St. Annadal Maastricht,The  Netherlands;
Children's Hospital en Barnes Hospital, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.; A.Z. St. Antoniushove te Leidschendam (Den Haag), The Netherlands;  University Hospital  Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium.
1979: 'Twenty‑second International Youth Science Fortnight' Londen, ENGLAND
1981: Kidney physiology, Prof. P. STEELS, L.U.C., Diepenbeek
1983: Microsurgery, Kath Univ Leuven, Dr R Dewilde, Prof I Brosens
Post-graduate Education
Jan 1986: Certificate of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (E.C.F.M.G.) part I & part II     
Nov 1986: Statistical Analysis System (S.A.S.) Rekencentrum K.U. Leuven
Feb‑Dec 1989: Biostatistics and epidemiology. Centrum voor Gezondheidsecologie en Gerechtelijke Geneeskunde, K.U.Leuven, Belgium.
Sep‑Dec 1990: Programming in dBase. Cultureel Centrum, Bornem,Belgium
June 2000: Training course and evaluation ‘Good Clinical Practice’, Brussels
November 2003: Training course in computer use and programming Acces 2000.
August 2010: Renewal training and certificate GCP
June 2012: Certificate Audit FGK
July 2013: Renewal Certificate GCP
PhD thesis
(Doctoraat in de Biomedische Wetenschappen): "Surveillance of infection during pregnancy: the boundary between routine screening and symptom-driver diagnosis" promotor Prof. J. DESMYTER , co-promotor Prof. B. SPITZ, Leuven, Promotiezaal Universiteitshal, 2 juni 1997.
Current Affiliations
1990-2012: Consultant Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dept Obstet Gynaecol  (Dir. Prof A.Van Assche / Prof. I Vergote), Universitair Ziekenhuis Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium
Since 1991: General obstetrics and gynecology Algemeen Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart Tienen, Belgium
2001-2012: Academic consultant Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
2006-2012: Visiting Professor Université de Liège
Since 2000: Director Femicare, clinical research for women
Since April 2013:  Invited Professor University Antwerp, official appointment from 1 Jan 2016 on
Since June 2013: Consultant University Hospital Antwerp
Since Sep 2014: Visiting Professor University of Covilha, Portugal
Teaching Experience
1990-2000: High schools in Leuven and Antwerp: Contraception and sexual relation
1990‑2002: Midwives:  Gynecological infections, obstetrical infections and dystocia
1994-2004: 2d Master Medicine: clinics of infection in OB/Gyn
2004-2012: 4th Master Medicine: vulvo-vaginal diseases, micrscoscopy
2000-2012: Vulvo-vaginal courses and Hands-on Microscopy courses in Flanders and several international 
2013: Infectious Diseases in OB/Gyn Antwerp University, Faculty of Medicine
Scientific Research
1981‑83: Hemostasis in  Microanastomosed aa. carotidae in rodents. (Dr. R. Dewilde & Prof. W. Boeckx, Laboratory of  microsurgery, Leuven)
1986‑87: Sympaticomimetic innervation of human myometrium in pregnant normal and pre‑eclamptic women.(Dr. L. Missiaen & Prof. R. Casteels, Labo fysiologie Leuven and  Prof. F. Zuspan, Columbus, OHIO, U.S.A.).
1987‑88: Sexually Transmitted Diseases during  pregnancy, Pretoria, South-Africa  (Prof. J. Knobel)
1988‑90: Screening for genital infection using PAP smears (Prof. J. Desmyter, A Vereecken), Dendermonde, Belgium
1988-92: Risk analysis for mamma-carcinoma
1990‑93: Serology during  pregnancy, Leuven (Prof. F.A. Van Assche en Prof. J. Desmyter)  
1993: Vaginal ecology, vaginitis en prematurity. The concept of vagintis and vaginosis. Vaginal cytokines (J Desmyter, B Spitz Leuven, , B Van Bulck, A Vereecken, Antwerp Belgium; P-A Mardh, MD Sweden, H Dewet, South Africa)
1998-1999: GYN 198: Treatment of disturbed vaginal flora with lactobacilli vs metronidazole (GCP Protocol).
2001-2008 : Investigator driven: ReCiDif trial: Treatment of recurrent vaginal candidiasis with degressive  schedule of fluconazole (GCP protocol).
2001-2008: Investigator driven: Preterm Risk factors Early in Pregnancy. Tienen, Belgium.
2003: Phase IIa Multicenter Investigator phase IIa protocol on new tocolyic agent.
2004-2008: Phase II HPV vaccination trials
2005-2006: Investigator Phase II trial azole in Candida patients
2005-2009: Phase I - II: Multicentric Desqualinium chloride in patients with abnormal vaginal flora and aerobic vaginitis
2006-2007: Phase IIb Multicentric Desqaulinium in patients with bacterial vaginosis
2007-2008: Multicentric (principal investigator) Mirena and vaginal flora trial
2007: Investigator driven: HPV knowledge questionnaire
2007-2008: Phase IIb Multicentric trial treatment of osteoporosis
2008: Investigator driven: HPV knowledge questionnaire follow up after introduction of vaccines
2008-2009: Phase IIb Multicentric trial treatment atrophic vaginitis
2008-2009: Investigator driven: Vaginal infections in Mirena users: retrospective study
2009-2012: Phase IIa Therapeutic vaccination HPV induced cervical lesions
2009: Uganda study I vaginal flora screening by self assessment
2009-2012: Phase III: CMV immunization in Pregnancy
2009-2012: Investigator driven: Vaginal flora in Mirena users, prospective study
2009-2010: Investigator driven: new cytokine cream for focal vestibulitis: double blind placebo controlled cross over study.
2009-2010: Phase IIa.  Rifaximin for bacterial vaginosis
2009-2010: Investigator driven: Diagnostic value of ‘Common sense’ tests for bacterial vaginosis
2010: Uganda II: treatment of AVF with antiseptic and local antibiotics fase II, double blind placebo
2010-2013: Phase I. Atrophic vaginitis in breast cancer patients treated with low does estriol and probiotics
2011-2013: Phase II. Double blind placebo controlled muscular tonicum for elderly
2011-2013: Phase II. Group B strep vaccination in pregnancy
2013-2014: Phase II. Therapeutic vaccine in HPV 16/18 positive women
2014: Phase II. Prevention of preterm labor with probiotics in pregnant women with AVF
2015: Phase II. Acute treatment bacterial vaginosis with probiotics
2015: Investigator drive: Recurrent and resistent Trichomonas vaginalis in Belgium
2015: Phase II. Valprisan in treatment of uterine fibroma and menorraghia
Scientific Societies
w  Member of the VVOG (Flemish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
w  Member of the Scientific Council (Wetenschappelijke Raad) of the Flemish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
w  Former Board member of the WVW (Working group obstetrics of the VVOG)
w  Member of the ESIDOG (European Society for Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology) – commissioner for ESIDOG Belgium
w  Secretary of IDSOG-I (International Society of  Infectious Diseases Society in Obstetrics and Gynecology)
w  Member of the Scientific Committee of the SPE (Nationwide Statistical Perinatal Epidemiology Center)
w  Member of the International Research Group Microscopy of Bacterial Vaginosis
w  Founder and president of the Gynecology Infectious Platform, (research Group of gynecologists  interested in  Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology).
w  Founder and President of Femicare vzw (Clinical Research for Women)
w  Chairman of Scientific Board of European Society of Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology
w  Board member of IUSTI Europe
w  Member of ISVVD
w  Editorial board member European Guidelines STI (IUSTI)
w  Founding member and Chairman ISIDOG: International Society for Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology
w  Chairman BIG Infections of the Flemish Society OB/Gyn
w  Chairman of the STI group of ESC (European Society of Contraception)
w  Expert of the High Medical Council of the Federal Government