Herjan Bennink


PhD. Dr. MD. Herjan Coelingh Bennink,
Herjan Coelingh Bennink (HCB), MD, PhD, founded Pantarhei Bioscience (PRB) in 2001 for the development of new drugs for Women’s Health (WH) applications, such as the natural fetal steroid Estetrol (E4) and a new oral contraceptive preserving sexual function (Androgen Restored Contraception). In 2014 HCB founded Pantarhei Oncology (PRO) for the development of drugs for reproductive tract cancers such as an immunological method for the treatment of ovarian cancer (Zona Pellucida antigen immunisation) in collaboration with HRA in Paris, France. In 2015 Mithra in Liège, Belgium acquired the rights for the development of E4 from PRB for all WH applications such as oral contraception and HRT, whereas PRO will develop E4 for breast and prostate cancer treatment.
HCB trained in Gynaecology and Internal medicine in Leiden and in Utrecht, The Netherlands and certified in 1976 as specialist in ObGyn. Since 1976 HCB was director of the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology at the University Hospital in Utrecht. In 1987 he joined Organon in The Netherlands as Executive VP of the WH R&D programme and developed drugs such as Puregon and Antagon for IVF, the Nuvaring, the Implanon and Cerazette for contraception and Livial (tibolone) for HRT. From 1997-2005 HCB was professor WH at the Dutch speaking Free University in Brussels, Belgium.