Yvonne Margareta Lindroos


Name: Yvonne Margareta Lindroos


Med. lic. , University of Helsinki 1978
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics Helsinki 1984Languages Swedish, finnish, english, gennan

(Current job description; Private practice in gynecology and obstetrics (an outpatient clinic)

Working experience:

1978 Assistant doctor in gynecologic and obstetric department of University Clinic of Helsinki and Jorvi Hospital
1979 Assistant doctor in surgical department of Koskela Hospital Helsinki
1980- 1984 Assistant doctor in gynecology and obstetrics, Kätilöopisto Hospital, Helsinki
1986 establisher and leader of väestöliitto sexual Health clinic Youth, Helsinki
1984- until now private practice as a specialist in gmecolory and obstetrics
1993-1995lecturer in g5nrecolog and obsterics in nrrses' school

Additional education:

Yearly courses on gynecolgic and obstric medicine in finland and Europe