David EckersallPresent Post

Professor of Veterinary Biochemistry

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine

College of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Life Science

University of Glasgow


1973                University of Liverpool, 1970-1973, BSc IIi in Biochemistry

1976                University of Edinburgh, PhD, (Animal Breeding Research Organisation)

1989                University of Glasgow, Master of Business Administration

1993                Member of the Royal College of Pathologists

1998                Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists

Employment & Management

1976-1980                              Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Glasgow Dental School.

1980-1990                               Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry, University of Glasgow Veterinary School

1985-1998                              Director of veterinary clinical biochemistry service

1990-1993                              Head of Department, Department of Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry

1993-2001                              Senior Lecturer Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, University of Glasgow Veterinary School

2001-2003                               Reader

2002-2004                               Director of Centre for Integrated Diagnostic Systems,

University of Glasgow

2003                                        Professor of Veterinary Biochemistry, University of Glasgow  

2007-10                                   Director and Chief Scientific Officer, ReactivLab Ltd

Awards/Academic Acheivement

1992-1994       Secretary, International Society for Animal Clinical Biochemistry

1994-1996       Organising Chairman of ISACB Congress, Glasgow, 1996

1996-1998       President, International Society for Animal Clinical Biochemistry

1998-2000       Vice-President, International Society for Animal Clinical Biochemistry

1999-2001       Chairman, Animal Clinical Chemistry Association

1999                Member of Research Assessment Exercise Panel for University of Helsinki Veterinary School, Finland.

2001-2003       Coordinator, EU Concerted Action on Harmonization of Bovine and Porcine Plasma Protein Analysis

2001-2004       Coordinator, EU Shared Cost Project on Acute Phase Protein in Pigs

2005                Editorial Board member, BMC Veterinary Research journal

2001-               Chairman & member of Animal Acute Phase Conference Organising Committees

2007                Editorial Board member, Biomarkers

2008                            Heiner Sommer Prize of the International Society of Animal Clinical Pathology for Lifetime Contribution to Animal Clinical Biochemistry

2010                Siemens Prize of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry for contribution to animal clinical chemistry

2012                President of the Association for Veterinary Teaching & Research Work

2011-14           Chair of COST Action FA1002, Farm Animal Protoemics

Recent  Research Grants

BBSRC/SERAD 2001-04 £215000 The acute phase response in bovine mastitis; with JL Fitzpatrick, AM Nolan, JA Beeley, CH Knight (Hannah Research Institute),

MLC/DEFRA 2001-04            £18,000 Welfare of finishing pigs under different management;

EU 2000-03                Coordinated Action on acute phase proteins in animals

EU 2001-2004            1.2 million EURO, Shared Cost project: The acute phase protein response in pigs during production;

University Challenge Fund 2003-2006           £200000, Development of assays for veterinary clinical biochemistry

BBSRC 2004-2007    £353648 A surface enhanced Raman scattering biosensor for measuring acute phase protein in man and animals

Carnegie Foundation, 2003-06; Studentship on 'Glycosylation of acute phase protein in animals

Genesis Faraday/BBSRC 2004-07;  Studentship on 'Heritability of porcine acute phase proteins'

DEFRA/VETRI, 2004-2009 £4.5 million, Integration of functional genomics and immunology and their application to infectious disease in ruminants

British Council/Prime Minister’s Initiative 2     2008-2010 £25,000 Acute Phase Proteins in Pasturella Multocida in Water Buffalo, with University Putri Malaysia

SERAD LINK 2008-2009 £75000 Acute Phase Index in neaonatal pigs

EU COST Action        Farm Animal Proteomics 2011-2014 480000 Euro (Chair of Action)

Recent Papers

SKOVGAARD K., MORTENSEN S., BOYE M., POULSEN K.T., CAMPBELL F.M., ECKERSALL P.D. & HEEGAARD P.M.H. (2009) Rapid and widely disseminated acute phase protein response after experimental bacterial infection of pigs.  Veterinary Research 40, 23

MURPHY L., ECKERSALL P.D., BISHOP S.C., PETTIT J.J., HUNTLEY J.F., BURCHMORE R. & STEAR M.J. (2010) Genetic variation among lambs in peripheral IgE activity against the larval stages of Teladorsagia circumcincta.  Parasit 137, 1249-1260.

DIACK A.B., GLADNEY C.D., MELLENCAMP M.A., STEAR M.J. & ECKERSALL P. (2011) Characterisation of plasma acute phase protein concentrations in a high health boar herd.  Veterinary Immunology And Immunopathology 139, 107-112.

HEEGAARD P.M., STOCKMARR A., PINEIRO M., CARPINTERO R., LAMPREAVE F., CAMPBELL F.M., ECKERSALL P., TOUSSAINT M.J., GRUYS E. & SORENSEN N.S. (2011) Optimal combinations of acute phase proteins for detecting infectious disease in pigs.  Veterinary Research 42,

WHELEHAN C.J., MEADE K.G., ECKERSALL P., YOUNG F.J. & O'FARRELLY C. (2011) Experimental Staphylococcus aureus infection of the mammary gland induces region-specific changes in innate immune gene expression.  Veterinary Immunology And Immunopathology 140, 181-189.

PYORALA S., HOVINEN M., SIMOJOKI H., FITZPATRICK J., ECKERSALL P. & ORRO T. (2011) Acute phase proteins in milk in naturally acquired bovine mastitis caused by different pathogens.  Vet.Rec. 168, 535-U39

ECKERSALL, P.D. and WHITFIELD,  P ,  Methods in Animal Proteomics, Wiley Blackwell, New York, 2011

ECKERSALL, PD & M McLAUGHLIN, (2011) Proteomics in Animal Health and Disease.  In ‘Methods in Animal Proteomics’, Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, UK eds Eckersall PD & Whitfield PD, pp243-318

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MANSOR R., MULLEN W., ALBALAT A., ZEREFOS P., MISCHAK H., BARRETT D.C., BIGGS A. & ECKERSALL P.D. (2013) A peptidomic approach to biomarker discovery for bovine mastitis.  Journal of Proteomics 85, 89-98.