DinnyesAndras Dinnyes has been working on embryology, cryobiology, cloning and stem cell biology since 1985. He has been a Fulbright Scholar in the US in 1991-92 and worked at the University of Connecticut (US) for 1997-99. In 2000 he joined the cloning team in Roslin Institute (the „Dolly team”) as team leader. His team succeeded in the production of the first gene knock-out lamb, and the first cloned piglet in Europe. He was advisor for Geron Inc, US. In 2001 he has returned to Hungary, as a Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellow. He is member of the Stem Cell Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Medical Research Council Committee on Human Reproduction and board member of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association. The Molecular Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the Szent Istvan University, Hungary was established with his appointment as full professor. Furthermore, he is an invited professor at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He has an MBA-level degree in management and years of international experience in project and team management, including 24 EU FP6 and FP7 projects, among them 16 coordinated by him. He has created industrial spin-offs via his role as co-founder and director of BioTalentum Ltd (www.biotalentum.eu), a company developing stem cell technologies for personalized drug testing and regenerative medicine solutions in animal and humans, and CellSyStemics Ltd, a bioinformatics company. He has published over 150 scientific papers, filed 5 patents and has been awarded with the Hungarian Denis Gabor Innovation Award in 2013.