Avi Nath
Dr. Nath is the Clinical Director of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS), the Chief of the Section of Neurological Infections at NINDS. He is also the President of the International Society of Neurovirology.
His research is focused on the neurological complications of HIV infection since the beginning of the pandemic. He has helped characterize the neurological manifestations of HIV infection and his laboratory has studying the pathophysiology of the disease. His laboratory is largely credited for demonstrating the role of HIV-Tat protein in HIV neuropathogenesis and in immune reconstitution syndrome.
His laboratory is pursuing novel therapeutic approaches for Neuro-HIV infection. Along with his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health, he has established a cohort of HIV infected patients who are virologically controlled to characterize ongoing neuroinflammatory manifestations and conduct clinical trials form intervention. In 2012, he received the Pioneer award from the International Society of Neurovirology.