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Friday, October 21, 2016


08:30-10:00 SESSION III: Acquired coagulopathies. New insights on physiopathology of DIC –
Krymsky Val Hall
Chairpersons Pier M. Mannucci, Italy
Ton Lisman,
08:30-08:50 State of the Art: Physiopathology and modern diagnosis of DIC
Cheng-Hock Toh, UK
08:50-09:10 State of the Art: Liver disease: No longer a coagulopathy!
Ton Lisman, The Netherlands
09:10-09:30 State of the Art: Heparanase procoagulant activity in cancer and inflammation
Yona Nadir, Israel
09:30-09:50 State of the Art: How to choose antithrombotic agents in the oldest old
Pier M. Mannucci, Italy
09:50-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:15 Coffee break and poster viewing
10:15-11:45 SESSION IV: Cancer, thrombosis and bleeding – Krymsky Val Hall 
Chairpersons Anna Falanga, Italy
Aharon Lubetsky,
Debate: Is there a role for direct oral anticoagulants in the treatment of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients?
Not yet: Anna Falanga, Italy
Already some evidence: Aharon Lubetsky, Israel
11:05-11:45 Free Communications
11:05 – 11:15 Concerns and difficulties in treating patients with rare bleeding disorders
Theoni Kanellopoulou, Greece
11:15 – 11:25 Impact of blood hypercoagulability on the outcome of IN VITRO fertilization. A prospective longitudinal observational study
Patrick Vandreden, France
11:25 – 11:35 Laboratory detection of thrombophilic markers frequency
Violeta Neceva, Macedonia
11:35 – 11:45 Comparison of once daily bemiparin with twice daily enoxaparin for the treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis: a multicentre randomized clinical trial
Igor A. Suchkov,
11:45-12:00 Coffee break and poster viewing
12:00-13:30 SESSION V: Pediatric thrombosis and thrombolytic treatment – Krymsky Val Hall
Chairpersons Ulrike Nowak-Gottl, Germany
Shoshana Revel-Vilk,
Debate: Should thrombophilia be tested in children with provoked thrombosis?
Yes: Ulrike Nowak-Gottl, Germany
No: Heleen Van Ommen, The Netherlands
12:50-13:20 State of the Art: New perspective in immune thrombopsytopenic purpura in children
Shoshana Revel-Vilk, Israel
 13:20 Discussion
13:30-14:30 Lunch break – “Moskva” Restaurant


14:30-16:00 SESSION VI: The platelet as the center of the universe – Krymsky Val Hall 
Chairperson David Varon, Israel
Debate: What is the role of splenectomy in refractory adult immune thrombocytopenic purpura
TPOs: David Varon, Israel
Splenectomy: Benjamin Brenner, Israel
15:20-15:35 State of the Art: Update on the new PAR-1 platelet inhibitors
David Varon, Israel
15:35 Discussion
16:00-16:15 Coffee break and poster viewing

Hall 1

16:15-17:45 SESSION VII: Anti-thrombotic therapy in pregnancy complications – Krymsky Val Hall
Chairpersons Benjamin Brenner, Israel
Jean-Christophe Gris,
Debate: Role of low molecular weight heparin in pregnancy complications
Major: Jean-Christophe Gris, France
Minor: Benjamin Brenner, Israel
17:05-17:55 Free Communications
17:05 – 17:15 Reliable and simple diagnostic approach to diagnose platelet. Function defects in subjects with mucocutaneous bleeding – best performance with platelet secretion defects
Dovlatova N., UK
17:15 – 17:25 Platelet reactivity in patients with acute non-cardioembolic stroke or transient ischaemic attack: baseline data from a sub-study of the tardis randomised controlled trial – effects of pre-randomisation antiplatelet therapy
Heptinstall S., UK
17:25 – 17:35 Novel dihydroethidium-based flow cytometric assay for the analysis of intracellular superoxide anion and its utilisation to discover the oxidative stress induced by amyloid peptides in human platelets
Aisha Alsheikh Abubaker, UK
17:35 – 17:45 Extracellular fibrinogen binding protein (EFB) from S. Aureus inhibits the formation of platelet/leukocyte complexes
Pula G., UK
17:45 – 17:55 Characterization of the role of NADPH oxidase 1 in GPVI signaling and development of novel platelet inhibitors targeting this enzyme
Pula G., UK
18:00-18:30 Closing Remarks and presentation of CiTH 2017