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The program of the Event, lectures, abstracts and other materials will be published in a supplement to the «Tromboz, gemostaz i Reologia» scientific and practical journal №3, 2016.

General information
Website: www.thrj.ru
E-mail: [email protected]
A4, 80 pages, 4 issues per year; 1500 copies.

«Tromboz, gemostaz i Reologia» journal is on the list of those recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles and is included at Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

«Tromboz, gemostaz i Reologia» is scientific and practical journal publishing reviews, original papers, case reports, etc. Published materials are devoted to diagnostics, therapy and prevention hemocoagulating and hemorheologic disorders owing to inherent or acquired reasons. Main topics are focused to thrombophilias, hemophilias, DIC, venous thromboembolism and thromboses as whole, atherosclerosis and atherothrombosis, platelets and vascular pathology, hemostasis genetics, fibrinolytic system, macro- and microrheologic blood properties, fibrin clot properties, relations between hemostasis system and blood rheology within human body, questions on hemostasis economy. Readers and subscribers have been informed constantly on new books, scientific forums and other professional events, etc.

The journal is supported by the scientific society “Сlinical Haemostaseology” (www.hemostas.ru), the scientific society “Сlinical hemorheology” and is an affiliated periodic publication of the European and Mediterranean League Against Thrombotic Diseases.