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I have gained a lot of new insights on the different scientific and therapeutic perspectives during the CiTH Congress in Moscow. I had the chance to browse through the clinical experiences of other physicians especially during the Poster Presentations, of which I was also a participant. I gained new friends during the Gala Dinner, and learned a few phrases in Russian! I hope to join again in the next CiTH Congress.
Francis Lo, Singapore
It was a real pleasure to speak at the CiTH congress. The atmosphere was intimate and the congress was very professionally and carefully planned. The audience was thoughtful and due to the size it was rather easy to ask questions. The presentations in my session were interesting and very up to date.
Menno Huisman, Netherlands

It has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to participate (as assistant and faculty) in this excellent congress with so many valuable contributions and intense debate to the daily practice and basic science in Thrombosis and Haemostasis.
Eduardo Arellano-Rodrigo, Spain

An excellent meeting to discuss clinical controversies with many colleagues.
Peter Verhamme, Belgium

Lots of interesting discussions in the pediatric sessions.
Annemieke Willemze, Netherlands

The CiTH Congress provided a good platform for physicians from different disciplines to express their opinions on various topics regarding thrombosis or hemostasis. The debate and exchange of opinion among the experts were eye opening. The plenary session was an excellent update of knowledge! The poster viewing session was interactive and had widened my international circle of friends!
Chaozer Er, Singapore

It was a great pleasure for me to attend 2nd Congress on Controversies in Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CiTH) which took place in Barcelona. Excellent organization, benevolent, friendly atmosphere and successful format of this meeting impressed me, thank you very much!
Irina Tikhomirova, Russia

I am very excited about the organisation and the program of Congress. For me it was a good experience to share with my colleagues the knowledge in my country. I would like to participate again in the next Congress.
Edmond Nuellari, Albania