Monika Stoll

Prof. Dr. Monika Stoll
Monika Stoll, PhD. Full Professor and Head of the Department ‚Genetic Epidemiology’ at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Muenster, Germany, and adjunct Professor at the University of Maastricht. Main Research interests: Genetics of multifactorial (polygenic) diseases, particularly of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in multifactorial diseases, genetic-epidemiological methods. In recent years, her group has studied the genetic basis of paediatric stroke and thromboembolism though genome-wide association studies and next generation sequencing approaches. Publications in internationally renowned scientific journals e.g. Science, Nature Genetics, Genome Research, American Journal of Human Genetics, Blood. Associate Editor of the Journal ‚Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine’.