Gunnar Birgegård

Professor Gunnar Birgegård
Professor Gunnar Birgegård, MD, PhD, is professor of Haematology at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. His early research interests focused on iron metabolism and inflammation as well as erythropoietine pathofysiology, especially in polycythemia vera. His research has included work on erythropoesis and iron, mainly with regard to ferritin and inflammation, and his group was one of the first to publish a radioimmunoassay method for measuring serum erythropoietin. Professor Birgegård has also been involved in implementing erythropoietin treatment studies in autotransfusion and cancer as well as intravenous iron and Epo efficacy.  He was Chairman of the Nordic Study Group for Myeloproliferative disorders and is currently involved with studies on platelet reduction therapy with anagrelide and interferon. He is also a member of Leukemia Network Work Package 9 on Myeloproliferative disorders.