Geoff Lindeman

Professor Geoffrey Lindeman
Geoff Lindeman is Joint Head of the Stem Cells and Cancer Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, and a medical oncologist and Director of the Familial Cancer Centre at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. He leads the Centre for Translational Breast Cancer Research (TransBCR), enabled by a NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence grant.
His laboratory is studying molecular and cellular regulators of normal mammary gland development and perturbations that give rise to hereditary and sporadic breast cancer.  Current research is focused on characterizing the mammary epithelial cell hierarchy (the progression from long-lived stem cells to progenitor cells to mature epithelial cells) and delineating key cell fate specification and survival genes in the mammary gland. His group has also generated patient derived xenograft (PDX) models that are being used in ‘proof-of-principle’ pre-clinical studies, aimed at transferring promising drugs to the clinic.