Yan Huang

Yan Huang M.D,
Medical Education:
M.D.,2005-2008, Academy of Military Medical Sciences
M.M., 1990-1993,Medical School of Chinese PLA
M.B., 1981-1986,Third Military Medical University
Fellowship, 2002-2003,Baylor College of Medicine-Breast Center
Training, 2005, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
(Reconstructive/AestheticBreast SurgeryCenter)

Academic Achievements& Rewards:
Dr. Huang is an authority on breast cancer operated over 1500 surgeries. In addition tohis clinical expertise, Dr. Huang has firstly led the development ofcentralbreast-conserving surgery (BCS), immediate reconstruction, and risks evaluation ofbreast cancer in China.

Under Dr. Huang’s leadership of the Breast cancer Surgery, a great many of significant programs have been established, including‘the Foundation and Clinic Research of Breast Cancer Risks Prediction Model’ (supported by Special Fund of Beijing Science Committee), ‘the Clinical Application Study on Serology of Two Types of Mammary Tissue Distinct Proteins’ (supported by the 11th Five-Year-Plan of Chinese PLA Program),‘Novel Immunodetection Technology and High Sensitivity Breast Globin Immunodetection’ (supported by the 12th Five-Year-Plan National 863 Major Project), and‘Large Sample Censor and Detection Method Optimization of Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene BRCA1/2 Mutation for Female Chinese Han’(started in 2014).

Dr. Huang has published extensively (over 30 peer-reviewed academic papers in SCI) in term of breast surgery and has achieved the reward of Military Scientific and Technological Progress (the third prize). As a master students’ supervisor, he has brought up more than 20 Master of Medicine students in the major of breast surgey.

1986.09-1990.09 Residency (The Affiliated Hospital of Military Medical Sciences)
1993.09-2001.09 Doctor in charge
2001.09-2007.09 Associate director
2013.07-now Chief of breast surgery department, Surgeon-in-chief

Academic Titles:
Council Member, Beijing Breast Disease Society
Chairman,Translational Medicine Specialized Committee
Committee Experts,Public Interest for Chinese Female Health Alliance 
Invited Editor,Global Oncology Express
Council Member, Beijing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society
Executive Member, Chinese Geriatric Oncology Society
CommitteeMember, Committee of Chinese PLA General Surgery Translational Medicine
Evaluation Expert, BeijingScience Committee Project 
Medical Security Evaluation Expert, ChineseMedical Association, Beijing Division