World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer – October 22-24, 2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

I can’t recall being at a meeting in which I was so riveted in every session.  Not only did I learn a great deal of highly relevant info, but it was in an environment of much enjoyment and a real collegiate “buzz”. All the speakers were outstanding and I was very proud of all my colleagues from Westmead and Macquarie up there. I hope someone will send me the dates for Barcelona so I can get it in my diary. I wouldn’t miss it.
Richard Kefford, Australia

Very well run, timekeeping for each section of the conference was spot on, the debates were very informative and an innovative and stimulating way of presenting the current controversies, world class and international speakers, wonderful catering. We thoroughly enjoyed the congress and would recommend it to any clinician with an interest in breast cancer.
Denise Brown, New Zealand

The CoBra conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the different facets and views in the breast cancer industry. The debates were a great way to showcase this, and provide an open forum for discussion, all in good spirit. I was honoured to be selected to speak about my work in the short session, rather than a poster, and thought this was a fantastic opportunity to update the community on my research. I also thank CoBra for the Young Scientist Award which was a great compliment. The conference also provided great networking exposure with the breast cancer industry and community.
Dharmica Mistry, Australia

This is the BEST conference that I’ve ever attended - with balanced perspectives gained by listening to both sides of the topics from experienced speakers. With the inclusion of multiple debates and interactive (PollEv) audience response sessions, this conference has now set a new educational standard for others to aspire to. For anyone helping women with breast cancer, CoBrCa is now a must for their annual calendar. I’m already looking forward to Barcelona 2016.
Guy Hingston, Australia

This last CoBRA conference was excellent and informative. All the faculty and presenters did a wonderful job.
Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh, Australia

This is one of most well organised seminar I have been to this year. I love the “multidisciplinary” and the “debate” formats.
Michael Cheng, Australia

I enjoyed this conference! The topics are stimulating with lively debates and excellent presentations. Controversies set us thinking.
Ho Pey Woei, Malaysia

The meeting I thought was superb and a great tribute to the organization and organisers.
Alastair Thompson, USA

CoBra was an excellent breast cancer  conference. It was very clinically oriented and practical.
I really enjoyed the debates on controversial clinical aspects where the presenters were able to put their point with the current evidence or lack of evidence for the practice.
Rita Sasidharan, New Zealand

It was excellent. In particular, framing up the future of Breast cancer research with the final session: “Breast cancer 2020”
Alessandra Muntoni, Australia

The CoBRA 2015 was a fascinating event, not only for its scientific agenda and quality of exhibitors, but also by the efficiency of its secretariat and support groups. Congratulations to all for this unique opportunity, source of knowledge and camaraderie!
Eduardo Blanco Cardoso, Brazil

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to participate in the very well organised inaugural CoBRA -I really enjoyed the debates which offered an interactive way for current controversies to be presented in a succinct, yet comprehensive manner.
Tammy Corica, Australia

The controversies were topical and the discussions thought provoking. It was great having so many overseas participants.
Wanda S. Stelmach, Australia

The CoBRA congress was a really high quality, clinically relevant meeting and was a joy to attend.
Nicholas Wilcken, Australia

Fabulous Congress - the right content, the right length, controversial topics, great speakers and well organized.
John Boyages, Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank CoBRA congress organisers and the committee for organising such an outstanding conference. It was informative and latest evidence based medicine presented in a wonderful debate style. It allowed one to be analytical about the current progress in breast cancer. Melbourne conference site was such an excellent place. Well done to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the conference.
Selwyn Selvendran, Australia

I am not a clinical person, but I found the conference informative, particularly about the future advances in the management and treatment of breast disease. Also very interested in a holistic approach to enable women to achieve better outcomes.
Victoria Cuevas, Australia

This conference was the most intellectually stimulating and enjoyable conference I have been to. Witnessing experts in the field debating one another about the pros and cons of a range of important breast cancer issues, often with humour and passion, kept the audience involved and highlighted the lack of consensus on some fundamental treatment issues. I hope I will be able to attend the next one in Barcelona.
Kathy Flitcroft, Australia

The CoBra conference provided me with an informative insight into the varied opinions in the breast cancer field on a wide range of controversial issues. The debating concept of “for” and “against” was an excellent way to present information with the support of clinical data and scientific evidence. From a consumers perspective the debates confirmed that whilst the advances in treatments and overall survival as a result of research and clinical trials are imperative this conference showed that there is still a wide range of views on what should be 'standard treatment’. I would highly recommend this conference as it was extremely informative and through the debating process raised controversies that may not have been flagged through the normal scientific conference format.
Leslie Gilham, Australia