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About CoBrCa

CoBrCa is a comprehensive congress dealing with controversial issues in breast cancer care including presentations, debates and discussions.

The Faculty

International opinion leaders will discuss and debate current issues in Breast Cancer

The Concept

The unique concept of this congress allows ample time for speaker-participant interaction.

The Aim

CoBrCa aims to be the leading forum for opinion leaders, clinicians and industry in order reach the best clinical recommendations for therapeutic dilemmas.

Congress Chairpersons

Bruce Mann

Melbourne, Australia

Javier Cortes

Madrid, Spain

Richard de Boer

Melbourne, Australia

Alastair Thompson

Houston, TX, USA

The CoBra conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the different facets and views in the breast cancer industry. The debates were a great way to showcase this, and provide an open forum for discussion, all in good spirit. I was honoured to be selected to speak about my work in the short session, rather than a poster, and thought this was a fantastic opportunity to update the community on my research. I also thank CoBra for the Young Scientist Award which was a great compliment. The conference also provided great networking exposure with the breast cancer industry and community.
Dharmica Mistry, Australia

April 28, 2014


Congress Venue