21st COGI Congress in Guilin, China

Thank you for having us in Guilin. It had good discussions in a nice place. Only the exchange of data and opinions will bring us further.

Ben Mol, Australia

Once again, COGI proved to be the most exhilarating event in our profession. This time, the amazing city of Guilin hosted a memorable scientific meeting. Give me more of this!
Isaac Blickstein, Israel

Not knowing much about Guilin before arriving for the COGI Congress, I was on the way from the airport to the hotel immediately smitten by the remarkable landscape, characterized by limestone karsts I was familiar with from classical Chinese drawing but always had considered artistic exaggerations. Now I found out that they really existed in all of their exuberance, creating an absolutely unique landscape, like nothing I had ever seen before anywhere in the world.

The meeting itself took place in a beautiful five-star hotel with excellent banquet facilities, and offered the now already well known COGI serving of controversies in various subspecialty areas of reproductive medicine, with special emphasis on differences of opinion in clinically relevant areas. A worldwide faculty offered the usual differences of opinions, which are essential for any scientific discourse.
Norbert Gleicher, USA

The COGI Congress in Guilin, China was a  fruitful and comprehensive meeting that was entirely devoted  to addressing advances in clinical practice and research updates. Several clinical controversies and debates enriched the well-designed scientific program that focused on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility. The camaraderie of the staff and attendees, the welcoming people of China, and the natural beauties of Guilin facilitated the rewarding experience. We look forward to the next COGI Congress.
Gary Ventolini, USA

It was a pleasure sharing with the audience in Guilin. It was also a learning experience for me. I am looking forward to be invited again and being a part of the COGI Congress.
Jennifer Marie B. Jose, Philippines

The delegates who attended the COGI Congress in Guilin had an outstanding International Faculty who brought the latest information to them on many topics of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Infertility. There was much heated discussion, and registrants would have learnt a great deal by attending.
Gab Kovacs, Australia

For me it was a great experience to share novelities with opinion leaders and colleagues from different parts of the world in the field of gynecology nad obstetrics in a congress situated in such a nice and picturesque place as the region of Guilin is. This was my second time attending COGI congress and I have convinced myself that I should not miss any further one.
Adolf Lukanovič, Slovenia

It was one of the most interesting meetings I have attended in recent years.
Seang Lin Tan, Canada

The Congress was very well organised with an exciting and diverse scientific programme.
Kate McIlwaine, Australia