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15:30-18:30       Oral Presentations - Infertility                                                                              Hall B     


Ultrasound guidance during embryo transfer. a fifteen years experience
Vasileios Athanassiou, Greece

The first Hungarian PGD for MEN2A Syndrome: Case report
Eva Csajbok, Hungary

Cystic follicles on HCG day: Do they affect cycle prognosis? Is it wise to trigger with oversized follicles?
Ana Bolívar, Spain

Letrozole /  GNRH-Antagonist protocol in poor ovarian responder patients undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm
injection-embryo transfer cycles
Mahbod Ebrahimi, Iran

Importance of stress in infertility treatment and methods can be used to reduce stress
Sevcan Fata, Turkey

Hystero-Contrast-Salpingography and hysteroscopy in preclinical evaluation of infertility
Anita Fazekas, Hungary

Improvement effect of citrus aurantium on serum testosterone and spermatogenesis after exposing with
electromagnetic field
Arash Khaki, Iran

Does the type of incubator influence the outcome of embryo development in an ivf setting?  An embryologist’s perspective
Joo Mong Lee, Singapore

Effect of canine oviduct cells/cumulus cells co-culture on in vitro maturation and in vitro development of porcine oocytes
Seokhee Lee, Korea

Expression patterns of HOXA-10, HOXA-11, LIF and Lif-Receptor in the endometrium of fertile and infertile women during implantation window
Chrysoula Margioula-Siarkou, Greece

The relation between follicle size at ovarian pick-up, oocyte maturity and developmental competency
Magnus Bach, Austria

General practitioners’ views and attitudes to preconception assessment of reproductive genetic risk in primary care
Norita Hussein, Malaysia

Micro rna expression of apoptotic markers and antioxidant enzymes in cumulus and granulose cells from periovulatory follicles of young women with low ovarian reserve
Rocio Nuñez-Calonge, Spain

The effective of human umbilical cord blood platelet lysate on meiosis resumption of oocyte at germinal vesicle stage with granulosa cells and without granulosa cells
Hassan Pazoki, Iran

Progesterone receptors’ expression is significantly decreased in the endometrium of infertile women and presents differences among various sub-categories of infertility: prospective study.
Stamatios Petousis, Greece

Blastocysts derivation after somatic cell fusion with premature oocytes
Islam Saadeldin, Egypt

Genuine empty follicle syndrome may be a preliminary stage of premature ovarian insufficiency
Esma Sarıkaya, Turkey

Blastocyst vitrification using the rapid-i closed system and transfer of single warmed blastocyst: clinical outcome of 378 cycles
Romualdo sciorio, United Kingdom

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome complicated with pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic abscess after ivf in a 35 year old woman:a case report and review of the literature
Sofoklis Stavrou, Greece

Womb politics: feminist and queer bioethical approaches to surrogacy
Tiia Sudenkaarne, Finland

Clinical experience of having a child over 40, in the light of increased risk factors
Ágota Süli, Hungary

High levels of vitamin d deficiency and insufficiency in a population attending an ivf clinic
Sarah Sultana Grixti, Malta

What is the best protocol of ovarian stimulation for diminished ovarian reserve ?
Chisa Tabata, Japan

Introduction of preimplantation genetic diagnosis using array comparative genomic hybridization (acgh) for patients carrying balanced chromosomal rearrangements in Hungary
Gyöngyvér Téglás, Hungary

A study to evaluate the bioavailability of drospirenone in a new formulation of 4 mg drospirenone compared to a formulation containing 3 mg drospirenone and 0.02 mg ethinylestradiol
Gabriele S. Merki, Switzerland

15:30-18:30       Oral Presentations - Gynecology                                                                         Hall C     


Vulvar condyloma acuminatum in atopic dermatitis three-year-old girl
Rose Amaral, Brazil

Severe forms of condilomata (genital warts) in the  genitoanal region the new radio wave technique as the most effective therapeutic and ethetic solution
Igor Jeremic, Serbia

Laparoscopic translocation of ovary prior to pelvic radiation in a patient with cervical cancer:a first in the Philippine setting
Gladys Anne Bermio, Philippines

Total radical hysterectomy with bilateral adnexectomy, partial cystectomy, distal ureterectomy followed by ureteral reimplantation for locally advanced cervical cancer
Olivia Ionescu, Romania

Safety of anti-adhesion material in patients with surgical treatment of gynecologic malignancies
Jae Young Kwack, Korea

Partial molar pregnancy diagnosed histologically after emergency total abdominal hysterectomy in a 51 year old woman and a  preoperative diagnostic dilemma. a case report and review of the literature
Sofoklis Stavrou, Greece

The frequency of premenstrual syndrome and risk factors in premenopausal women over 25 and related factors
Belgin Akın, Turkey

Up-regulation of non-neuronal transient receptor vanilloid 1 (trpv1) and ankyrin1 (trpa1)  ion channels in rectosigmoid deep infiltrating endometriosis of patients with severe dysmenorrhea
Noémi Bohonyi, Hungary

False reassurance from a negative urine pregnancy test
Vanessa Cubas, United Kingdom

Vaginal Myomectomy using Dührssen incision: A case series of 14 patients
Robyn D'Cruz, United Kingdom

Is endothelial function at women with  pcos  involved  by  hormonal disorders ?
Eliona Demaliaj, Albania

Healthy life-style behaviors among turkish women applying for measurement of bone density
Nülüfer Erbil, Turkey

Is the lactobacillus effective against candida vulvovaginitis recurrence: systematic review of clinical trials?
Svitrigaile Grinceviciene, Lithuania

Optimization of pregnancy diagnostics for women with metabolic syndrome and fetoplacental insufficiency
Nigar Kamilova, Azerbaijan

The use of single-port robotic platform in gynecologic surgery:  a single institution experience
Payam Katebi Kashi, United States

Expression of alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is increased in eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis
Elena Kotova, Russian Federation

Advanced techniques for laparoscopic adenomyomectomy: a transient occlusion of uterine arteries (toua)
Jae Young Kwack, Korea, Republic Of

Placenta in situ: a case series on the conservative management of placenta accreta
Christine Maningas, Philippines

Traumatic birth experience - Israeli Arab and Jewish women’s perception
Ofra Halperin, Israel

Hystrectomy or bilateral internal iliac artery (hypogastric artery) ligation for the management of refractory post partum hemorrhage. that is the question
Mahmoud Rahimi, Australia

Prevalence of 7 sexually transmitted organisms by multiplex real-time pcr in fallopian tube specimens collected from asymptomatic Saudi women with and without ectopic pregnancy
Bassem Refaat, Saudi Arabia

Reproductive outcomes of patients being hospitalized with pelvic inflammatory disease
Thanapa Rekhawasin, Thailand

Immune activation enhances epithelial nerve growth in localized provoked vulvodynia
Päivi Tommola, Finland

Analgesic effects of acetaminophen, diclofenac and hyoscine-n-butylbromide in second trimester pregnancy termination: a prospective randomized study
Melih Velipasaoglu, Turkey

Friday, September 18, 2015                                                                              


14:50-16:20       Oral Presentations – Fetomaternal Medicine                                                        Hall B     


Problems experienced by mothers in postpartum period and their associations with quality of life
Kamile Altuntuğ, Turkey

Prenatal diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis. do we need brain MR?
Robi Amster, Israel

Bleeding angiomyolipoma in pregnancy: a case report
Gladys Anne Bermio, Philippines

Missed abortion: how to have a safe abortion in first trimester of pregnancy? Psycological problems associated with abortions.
Eliona Demaliaj, Albania

The attitudes of women towards family planning and related factors in the postpartum period
Emel Ege, Turkey

Reducing maternal mortality in turkey: lessons learned from three delays model
Yaprak Engin-Ustun, Turkey

A new maneuver for prevention of postpartum haemorrhage
Amr hamdy, Egypt

Roles and responsibilities of midwives in decreasing maternal mortality in postpartum hemorrhage
Burcu Avcibay Vurgec, Turkey

Cesarean section rate according to maternal age, parity and birthweight
Syheda Latifi Hoxha, Albania

The older obstetric patient; outcome of delivery for women over 40 in a district general hospital in London
Aref-Adib Mehrnoosh, United Kingdom

Vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery is not associated with a significantly higher incidence of levator ani avulsion
Igor Michalec, Czech Republic

Atypical e2f contributes to pathophysiology of preeclampsia
Yoshinori Moriyama, Japan

18:10-19:00       Oral Presentations – Infertility                                                                             Hall A     


Longer oral contraceptive use might be associated with lower risk for down syndrome
Gyula Richárd Nagy, Hungary

How reliable are clinical endpoints in sibling oocyte studies?
Laszlo Nanassy, Hungary

Determining the maintaining and re-establishing pluripotency potential of human umbilical cord blood platelet extraction on embryonic stem cell
Hassan Pazoki, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Ovulation induction with GNRH agonists during controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF procedures
Andreea Veliscu, Romania

Clinical, obstetric and neonatal outcomes of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy (pgd-a) cycles of the year of 2013 in Hungary
Attila Vereczkey, Hungary

First pregnancy following in vitro fertilization combined with karyomapping in Hungary
Attila Vereczkey, Hungary

Intrauterine application of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) does not improve implantation rates in IVF patients
Barbara Wirleitner, Austria

18:10-19:00       Oral Presentations – Urogynecology                                                                   Hall B     


Does vacuum delivery add extra risks of pelvic floor disorders in the long term?
Maria Gyhagen, Sweden

Tension-free vaginal tape obturator from inside to outside (TVT-O) versus tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) retropubic in surgical management of genuine stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
Ibrahim Hassanin, Egypt

Urinary incontinence in climacteric Turkish women: prevalence, risk factors, and impact on quality of life.
Gulten Guvenc, Turkey

Evaluating  the  sexual satisfaction in spouses of men with premature ejeculation
Emine Sari, Turkey

Prevalence of genital prolapse symptoms in primary care: a cross-sectional survey
Andras Kostic, United Kingdom

Assessment of breastfeeding by both nurses and mothers and, investigate factors affecting breastfeeding
Emine Geçkil, Turkey

18:10-19:00       Oral Presentations - Gynecology                                                                          Hall C     


Infertility and donor conception: Pregnancy is just the beginning!
Wendy Kramer, United States

The influence of childbirth experiences on women's post-partum traumatic stress symptoms: a comparison between Israeli Jewish and Arab women
Ofra Halperin, Israel

Anxiety level of pregnant women exposed to prenatal scanning test and related factors
Vesile Koçak, Turkey

Internet use of women in pregnancy
Meltem Ugurlu, Turkey

Erectil function, premature ejaculation profile and sexuality in couples using the withdrawal and intrauterine device method
Hatice Yildiz, Turkey

Prenatal attachment and depressive symptom levels of pregnant women with diabetes
Sema Dereli Yilmaz, Turkey

The association between lumbar disc hernia and women sexuality
Sema Dereli YILMAZ, Turkey

18:10-19:00       Oral Presentations – Fetomaternal Medicine                                                        Hall D     


Intravenous pethidine should not be used as an analgesic in labour: results of a prospective single dose study
Abddelfattah Salem, Jordan

Variations in suture techniques at cesarean section and its relation to complications in subsequent pregnancies
Seiji Sumigama, Japan

Pregnancy management, outcomes and iron status in thalassaemia major and intermedia in a north London population: a retrospective study
Evangelia Vlachodimitropoulou Koumoutsea, United Kingdom

Investigation of relationship between  depression and premenstruel sendrom among Turkish women
Nülüfer Erbil, Turkey

Evaluation of sensitivity and specifity of serum level of AMH and transvaginal sonography in POF (premature ovarian failure)  diagnosis
Athar Rasekh  Jahromi, Iran

Saturday, September 19, 2015                                                                         

16:40-18:10       Oral Presentations - Gynecology                                                                         Hall C     


Proliferative endometrium in post menopausal women; a cause for concern?
Charlotte wilson, United Kingdom

Body fatness and endogenous sexual hormones in the menopausal transition
Annamaria Zsakai, Hungary

Views and practices on employee health personnel in family health centers postpartum depression
Reyyan Güney, Turkey

Mens and family planning: literature review, 2005 and later
Selda Arslan, Turkey

Assessment of the knowledge level of students of department of nursing about HIV/AIDS and attitudes toward it
Ulken Babaoglu, Turkey

Assessment of the knowledge level of men about HIV/AIDS and attitudes toward it
Ulken Babaoglu, Turkey

The effect of support group interaction and training that will be given to those giving primary care to the old with dementia on the perception of care burden
Gökçe Demir, Turkey

The relationship between the knowledge of the university students about family planning and their attitudes towards the roles of social sex roles
Gökçe Demir, Turkey

The importance of a good medical history and a clinical examination as a precondition for the diagnosis of a rare disease
Emina Ejubovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Use of ernestina wiedenbach' s nursing practice model in nursing care of a  cases with hysterectomy
Reyyan Güney, Turkey

Antioxidants and semen quality: reporting the evidence
Conary Hernandez, Spain

A determinant for family planning attitudes and practices of men: marriage features
Deniz Kocoglu, Turkey