The IVF Athens center embryo transfer scoring system: a useful tool to predict the pregnancy outcome.
Vasileios ATHANASSIOU, Greece
Prolonged embryo culture and primary aseptic vitrification embryo transfer (avet) can improve implantation rates in patients with slow blastulating embryos
Barbara Wirleitner, Austria
Analysis of dietary habits in Hungarian infertile population
Edina Bakos-Rabb, Hungary
Congenital atrioventricular block in woman after IVF with donated oocytes – case report
Marilena baluta, Romania
Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) improves the embryo quality on day 3
Desislava Duylgerova-Nikolova, Bulgaria
Micropolyposis in IVF – case report of  a 36 year-old woman
Anita Fazekas, Hungary
Pregnancy after TRA in male hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Maria Jose GARCIA RUBIO, Spain
Effect of iodinated contrast used for hysterosalpingography on thyroid functional tests in infertile euthyroid women.
Hasan Inal, Turkey
Clinical hypnosis and psychological crisis during IVF – can it make a difference?
Vera Higi, Hungary
Psychological consultation as a need of the patients during IVF treatment
Vera Higi, Hungary
Effect of dual trigger with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GNRH-A) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) on IVF results.
Maria José Iñarra, Spain
Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell co-culture enhances the in vitro developmental competence of porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos
Geon A KIM, Korea
Improvement of canine parthenogenetically activated embryos in vitro development by co-culturing with canine adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Geon A KIM, Korea
The effect of dual triggering GNRH agonist with HCG in poor responders undergoing in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmic insemination
Kyung Hee LEE, Korea
Introduction of ovarian tissue autotransplantation in Hungary: a new possibility for fertility preservation in patients with malignancies
Margittai Éva, Hungary
The review of the frequency and type of drug  side effects during IVF stimulation
Viktória Nagy, Hungary
Introduction of tutorial document  before IVF stimulation to improve patient satisfaction
Viktória Nagy, Hungary
Live birth following preimplantaion genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy (PGD-A) from a female patient carrying homologous pericentric inversion on chromosome 9 – a case report
Laszlo Nanassy, Hungary
Effect of ghrelin hormone on growth and maturation of  pre-antral follicles of nmri mice.
Caspian ostadian, Iran
Comparison of embryo quality between embryoscope timelapse system and minc benchtop: analysis of 552 sibling oocytes
Romualdo sciorio, United Kingdom
The significance of psychotherapy of a couple who took part multiple times in IVF treatment without success - a case report
Ágota SÜLI, Hungary
Guidelines for the optimal management of bilateral ectopic pregnancy after ART
Pamela TAN, Singapore
A comparison on the latest version of embryogen with the old version
Carine To, Singapore
Psychosocial health of women who have gotten pregnant naturally or  through assisted reproductive technologies
Hatice YILDIZ, Turkey
Is there any differences between antagonist administration on days < 6 and > 6 of COH on assisted reproductive technique outcomes?
Hasan Inal, Turkey
Surgical complications after cesarean delivery and frequently indications
Fehmi AHMETI, Albania
HBA1C levels in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Relationship pregnancy outcome
Rezart Ajazi, Albania
Abdominal ectopic pregnancy - a rare clinical case
Patrícia Alves, Portugal
Thanatophotic dysplasia: a case of a sonographic diagnosis
Patrícia Alves, Portugal
Clinical practice of leukocyte immunotherapy management
Olesia Bespalova, Russian Federation
Evaluation of the adherence to clinical guidelines concerning iron deficiency and anemia in pregnancy  in a tertiary care center.
Maria Breugelmans, Belgium
The obstetric history evaluation, vaginal infections and cervical length as risk factors for preterm birth.
Ricardo CAVALLI, Brazil
Prevalence and progression of anaemia in pregnancy – a longitudinal study in a tertiary hospital
Sarah Chong, Singapore
Oasis in four-year period at university hospital center “sestre milosrdnice”, Zagreb, Croatia
Ivka Djakovic, Croatia
Comparing universal group b streptococcal screening against risk based group b streptococcal screening in Singapore: neonatal morbidities and resource utilisation
Ping Ling Ho, Singapore
Resection of tubal pregnancy and end-to-end tubal anastomosis using the da vinci robotic surgical system
Chung Won LEE, China
Maternal administration of hydrogen water might be protective for the lps-induced preterm labor in mice.
Tomoko NAKANO, Japan
Multiple gestation and delivery – two-year study (2013-2014)
Sara Nascimento, Portugal
Current possibilities of prediction and assessing the progress of preterm labor
Vladislava Novikova, Russian Federation
Autoantibody induced by methyldopa during pregnancy
Sofia PEDROSA, Portugal
The maternal and perinatal outcome associated with placenta previa and placenta accreta
Svitlana POSOKHOVA, Ukraine
A case of acute uterine inversion of the uterus treated by hydrostatic replacement
Abddelfattah Salem, Jordan
Morbid pregnancies and antiphospholipid antibody positivity
Fusun VAROL, Turkey
Homozygous fvleiden  G1691a  and heterozygous MTHFR AI298C associated with early onset severe intrauterine growth restriction
Fusun VAROL, Turkey
Twin pregnancy after induction by clomiphene citrate in separate horns of bicornuate uterus
Danijel Bursac, Croatia
ASC-H  – possible diagnoses that hide behind the label
Georgiana Roxana Ene, Romania
Perspectives to pelvic examination of Turkish university students
Figen52 Baykal Top, Turkey
Managing endometriosis related chronic pain in patients with primary dysmenorrhea
Noémi Bohonyi, Hungary
Complementary and alternative approaches to sexual problems in the menopausal period
Emine Ibici, Turkey
The role of splenectomy at the moment of primary and secondary cytoreduction in advanced stage epithelial ovarian cancer – a single center experience
Olivia Ionescu, Romania
Candida species distribution and susceptibility to butoconazole in pregnant women with vulvovaginal candidiasis
Aleksandar JURISIC, Serbia
Is ulipristal effective in treatment of  uterine fibroids?
Zaklina JURISIC, Serbia
Knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS of Turkish university students
Azize Nuran Kahraman, Turkey
Efficacy of human placental extract in perimenopausal women with climacteric symptoms
Inna KOVALENKO, Russian Federation
Ulipristal acetate in reducing various types of fibroids treatment before surgery
Alina Atalyan, Russian Federation
Deep endometriosis simulating bone malignant infiltration
Jorge Martinez, Spain
Postmenopausal endometrial changes - how well does ultrasound correlate with histopathology?
Sarah McMinn, United Kingdom
Deliveries in women who had malignant disease before pregnancy. Maternal characteristics, pregnancy and delivery complications.
Zahra SABETI RAD, Sweden
Single centre audit on effectiveness of endometrial ablation in reducing hysterectomy in heavy menustral bleeding (HMB)
Jyothilakshmi Sukumari Amma, United Kingdom
Laparoscopic management of retained oxidised cellulose following myomectomy
Jyothilakshmi Sukumari Amma, A. Thomas,R. Hale, S. George, United Kingdom
Medical induced abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy in adolescents-obstetric and neonatal outcomes.
Panagiotis TSIKOURAS, Greece
Relationship between CCL22 and regulatory t cells in epithelial ovarian cancer patients
Iwona Wertel, Poland
The frequency of different types of human papillomavirus  among women with hepatitis and HIV infection
Oksana Yershova, Russian Federation
Correlations between conventional cervical cytological and high risk HPV RNA tests results
Jana ZODZIKA, Latvia
Evaluation of the relationship between fatigue and social support levels of cancer patients
Meltem AKBAS, Turkey
Preservation of fertilizaton in gynaecologic cancer and nursing role
Tülay KAVLAK, Turkey
Role of XAF1 and tnfα-induced apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells
Kyung-Do Ki, Korea, Republic Of
The dissected lymph node  count in early stage endometrial cancer
Kwang Beom Lee, Korea, Republic Of
Lymphatic microvessel density and podoplanin expression in ovarian cancer as potential targets for antitumor therapy
Mădălin-Marius Margan, Romania
Adenocarcinoma represents the most frequent pathological type among giant ovarian tumors weighing more than 5,000g
Yoshiya Miyahara, Japan
Prognoses of patients with uterine cervical conization and their pregnancy outcome
Difficulties with the management of uterine cancer with obese cases
Hiroki MORITA, Japan
Difficulties preclinical diagnosis of breast cancer during pregnancy (clinical experience of perinatal center)
Vladislava Novikova, Russian Federation
Assessing the burnout levels of emergency and intensive care personnel
Meltem AKBAS, Turkey
Planning of a treatment for a woman diagnosed with parkinson’s disease using “roy adaptation model”
Selda Arslan, Turkey
Trial of vaginal birth after previous one caesarean section
Mustafa Bulugma, Libya
Is postmenopausal osteoporosis associated with altered chemerin, irisin and apolipoprotein M levels?
Yaprak Engin-Ustun, Turkey
Impact of strenuous exercise on ovarian reserve in reproductive-aged women
Hasan Inal, Turkey
The thoughts of intensive care nurses toward organ donation
Reyyan güney, Turkey
Neonatal intensive care experiences of nursing students in clinical practice
Reyyan güney, Turkey
An analysis of ovarian endometriosis during pregnancy
Toshiyuki Kakinuma, Japan
Antibiotic prescription for high-risk patients and baseline testing (chlamydia and gonorrhea) offered in an integrated sexual and reproductive health clinic for contraception.
Hajra Khattak, United Kingdom
Impact of using of hormonal contraceptive pills to the anti-müllerian hormone levels
Radek KUCERA, Czech Republic
Cognitive factors associated with the willingness for HIV testing among pregnant women in China
Chunrong LI, China
Automatic tongue diagnosis system for early-stage breast cancer
Chen Ming, Chinese Taipei
A pilot study of correlation between the palm skin temperature and body constitution of traditional Chinese medicine in climacteric women
Chen Ming, Chinese Taipei
High rates of caesarean sections in Egyptian hospitals. Survey of possible reasons and proposed solutions.
Amr Moneib, united kingdom
The effect of early oral intake to regular diet tolerated of cesarean women in resident training setting: a randomized controlled trial.
Chalaithorn Nantasupha, Thailand
Sexuality doesn’t get old: the Portuguese couples’ experience
Mario Cardoso, Portugal
Association of vitamin D levels with semen parameters
Renuka Devi RAJKUMARALAL, Singapore
Severe perineal lacerations associated with childbirth - the experience of a Portuguese hospital
Laura Reis, Portugal
A rare case of ogilvie’s syndrome with caecal perforation after caesarean section
Julia Tan, Singapore
Determination anxiety level of nursing students in delivery room practice
Meltem Ugurlu, Turkey
Emotions, experiences and satisfaction of adolescent and adult mothers related to their birth
Hatice Yildiz, Turkey
Does fresh onion juice enhance folliculogenesis and implantation in rats?
Hasan Inal, Turkey

An ectopic breast tissue presenting in the inguinal region: main controversies
Rozalia AthanasiadouGreece

Early prediction of preeclampsia in a romanian obstetric population
Luchian Ioan Bogdan, Romania
Influential immediate medical therapy after laparoscopic ovarian diathermy
Athar Rasekh Jahromi, Iran
Intrapartum asphyxia : can we do better?  5 years of  prospective registration in a tertiary care centre
Elise Maes, Belgium
the effects of relaxation technics on anxiety levels of pregnants who are in labor
Sultan Alan, Turkey