Herman Depypere
Professor Depypere graduated as medical doctor at the University of Ghent in 1986. Subsequently he obtained his biomedical science degree, with greatest distinction in 1991.He became gynaecologist in 1991 after having being registrar at the university hospitals of Ghent (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Adelaide (Australia), Lille (France), Birmingham (UK). He is a consultant at the University Hospital of Ghent since 1991. He obtained a PhD at the University of Ghent in 1994. He is full time Professor at the University Clinic since 1998. He is currently head of clinic of menopause clinic and breast clinic. He is associated professor at the laboratory of experiment oncology. He runs a private practice at the Coupure rechts 4 9000 Ghent. He is past president of the Belgian Menopause Society. He has published more than 100 A1 publications, 6 chapters in books. He is member of many national and international organisations. Current scientific interests : development of tumormarkers for breastcancer; fat metabolism and breastcancer; breast safety of phyto -estrogens