Tracey Edgell

Ph.D               University of Hertfordshire, UK. School of Natural Sciences.
                      An Investigation Of Fibrin Formation Using Specific Monoclonal Antibodies, and the Development of an Assay to Detect Soluble Fibrin
B.Sc (Hons)    Southampton University, UK.
                      Biochemistry with Pharmacology
Current Employment
2011-Present   Senior Research Officer, Prince Henrys Institute for Medical Research.
                    Pursuing research into the mechanisms of endometrial receptivity and causes of female infertility. Primary interest is the identification of biomarkers of receptivity for translation to clinical diagnostics to improve IVF success rates.
Previous Employment
2007- 2010      HealthLinx Ltd, Manager. Diagnostics and Biomarkers.
2003-2007       Thermo Electron. R&D Senior Scientist.
2000-2002       Proteome Systems. Research Scientist.
1999-2000       Gradipore Ltd. Commercial Separations Team Leader
1993-1999       National Institute for Biological Standards and Control. Higher Scientific Officer
1990-1993       Royal Veterinary College. Technician.
Significant Distinctions and Awards
2010 OvPlexTM was bestowed Asia Product of the Year by Biospectrum, an award judged by an independent panel of life sciences experts
Refereed papers; selected last five years,
Edgell T, Martin-Roussety G, Barker G, Autelitano DJ, Allen D, Grant P, Rice GE. (2010) Phase II biomarker trial of a multimarker diagnostic for ovarian cancer. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 136(7):1079 – 1088
Edgell TA, Barraclough DL, Rajic A, Dhulia J, Lewis KJ, Armes JE, Barraclough R, Rudland PS, Rice GE, Autelitano DJ. (2010)
Increased plasma concentrations of anterior gradient 2 protein are positively associated with ovarian cancer Clinical Science (London). 118(12):717 - 725
Rice GE, Edgell TA, Autelitano DJ. (2010) Evaluation of midkine and anterior gradient 2 in a multimarker panel for the detection of ovarian cancer. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 29:62
Salamonsen LA, Edgell T, Rombauts L, Stephens A, Robertson D, Rainczuk A, Nie G, Hannan N. (2013) Proteomics of the human endometrium and uterine fluid: a pathway to biomarker discovery.Fertil Steril 99(4):1086-1092.
Edgell TA, Rombauts LJF, Salamonsen LA (2013) Assessing receptivity in the endometrium: the need for a rapid, non-invasive test. Reprod Biomed Online 2013 Nov; 27(5):486-96.
Refereed papers; career total
Over the course of my post-graduate and post-doctoral career I have published 19 peer-reviewed papers including three review articles and a book chapter. In addition I am co-inventor on three patents.
Professional Service (e.g. reviewer for journal or funding bodies, committee positions etc.)
Reviewer for a number of journals within the reproduction field, in addition to those centred on biomarker discovery. Supervisor of honours and PhD students. Student examiner, and chairperson for Prince Henrys Institute Student Symposia. Grant reviewer for Wellbeing for Women (UK) and National Science Centre (Poland). Invited speaker at three reproductive symposia during 2013.
I completed my BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry with Pharmacology in 1990 from Southampton University (United Kingdom), and my PhD in 1999 from the University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom). Shortly after completing my PhD I migrated to Australia and have gained thirteen years post-doctoral experience within the Australian Biotechnology Industry sector. This is combined with nine years post-graduate research experience within the United Kingdom regulatory field researching cardiovascular disease and developing International Standards on behalf of World Health Organisation. The diversity of my scientific workplace experience has allowed me to develop not only a thorough understanding of protein biomarker discovery and assay development, but also an awareness of patent and regulatory requirements essential to a successful commercial product. I have successfully developed diagnostic assays, both immunoassay and clinical chemistry formats and overseen their translation into commercially successful products.