Why Macau?


Fujian fishermen and farmers from Guangdong were the first recorded community to settle in Macau, then known as Ou Mun or ‘trading gate’ because of its location at the mouth of the Pearl River downstream from Canton (modern day Guangzhou). During ancient times, this port constituted part of the legendary Silk Road, with ships there taking on board silks for Rome, silver for Japan, and all manner of exotic spices for near and far.

In the modern era, Macau developed industries such as textiles, electronics and toys, in tandem with a world-class tourism industry offering a wide choice of hotels, resorts, sports facilities, restaurants and casinos. As in the past, Macau’s economy is closely linked to that of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, and in particular to the Pearl River Delta, a region justifiably known as one of Asia’s ‘little tigers’. Macau also offers financial and banking services, staff training, transport and communications support.

For more than four centuries Macau has inspired the architecture of different traditions while preserving and maintaining an extraordinary number of buildings as part of its everyday life. Subsequently, you can find Taoist temples from the Ming Dynasty rubbing shoulders with baroque 18th Century churches, and 17th Century hilltop fortresses overlooking classic China Coast shop houses. The oldest European theatre in Asia and the region’s first Western lighthouse can be found in Macau, as can colonial palaces and Chinese courtyards.
Parks and Gardens

Macau boasts a host of picturesque gardens, the most notable of which – such as Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Camoes Garden and Grotto and the Casa Garden and Old Protestant Cemetery – are not only beautifully kept for the enjoyment of visitors but are laden with history that stretches back across the centuries.


Macau is a place where you can purchase almost anything, and have a wonderful time doing it. Cobbled streets, a warren of alleyways, and timeless architecture make the shopping experience all the more enjoyable. Macau is a free port and imported goods are generally taxed at low rates, with prices cheaper than many other cities in the region.




Casino gambling has been Macau’s best known form of entertainment for almost two centuries, and a most visitors will at some time or other try their luck in the gaming halls that have, in recent years, increased in number, size, comfort, variety and attractiveness. More money passes through Macau’s casinos than anywhere else on the planet and they also offer the greatest variety of games in the world.


For more information: http://en.macautourism.gov.mo/index.php

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