Saturday, December 6, 2014

08:30 - 10:30

Part I

The first livebirth after uterus transplantation was recently reported and more births will follow within the coming years, from the 8 women in the world that carry transplanted uteri. New clinical trials are planned at many centers worldwide.Leading specialist from our team, representing gynecology, transplantation surgery and reproductive medicine will present material to cover everything from ethics to details of the complicated surgery.

Mats Brännström
Patient groups with absolute uterine factor infertility
Cesar Diaz Garcia
Alternatives to uterus transplantation 
Lars B. Nilsson, Reproductive Medicine
Ethics of uterus transplantation
Michael Olausson, Transplantation Surgery
Animal research on uterus transplantation 
Cesar Diaz Garcia
Immunosuppression and risks in organ transplantation
Michael Olausson, Transplantation Surgery
Immunosuppression and pregnancy
Cesar Diaz Garcia
Live or deceased uterus donor
Liza Johannesson, Gynecology
Medical inclusion criteria of recipients and donors
Mats Brännström, Gynecology
Pretransplantation psychological evaluations
Stina Järvholm, Reproductive Medicine
IVF treatment in uterus transplantation patients
Lars.B. Nilsson, Gynecology

10:00-10:20 / Coffee Break


Part II

Relevant anatomy of the female pelvis
Cesar Diaz Garcia
Uterine harvest in deceased donor
Michael Olausson, Transplantation Surgery 
Surgical technique for uterine harvest in live donor & video
Mats Brännström, Gynecology
Surgical technique for uterus transplantation in recipient & video 
Michael Olausson, Transplatation Surgery
Update on results of Gotenburgh Uterus Transplantation trial
Mats Brännström, Gynecology
Rejection, detection and treatment
Liza Johannesson, Gynecology
Psychology and quality-of life post transplantation
Stina Järvholm
Institutional/personal requirements for human uterus transplantation
Mats Brännström, Gynecology
Future of human uterus transplantation
Mats Brännström, Gynecology

11:50-12:10 / Poster viewing