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Why Amsterdam?

Top 5 reasons why choose Amsterdam

1. An iconic international destination

Amsterdam is a historic city with a futuristic outlook that meshes business growth with sustainable initiatives.

The city has been recognised as among the top 10 most important commercial centres in the world, and has been ranked the fourth most influential business centre in Europe (source: MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index). And as an urban area dedicated to environmental innovation, Amsterdam also earned a spot as one of the eight finalists for the first-ever European Green Capital Awards.

2. A connected city

Amsterdam is very well connected, ensuring it is a comfortable choice for international visitors. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe’s four major hubs, operating to more than 300 direct destinations. What’s more, the airport has exceptional public transport connections with the city (20 minutes or less to the city centre), as well as a taxi fleet that is 100% electric.

Within Amsterdam, transport is also straight-forward and convenient. The extensive public transport network connects the city and its districts by train, tram, metro, bus and ferry. And don’t forget to experience Amsterdam like the locals do: by bike!

3. The beautiful canals

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, which can make getting around a little confusing as everything sort of looks the same but it gives the city a unique and beautiful atmosphere, and means you’re never short of somewhere relaxing to sit and enjoy a rest and a beer. You can rent a pedalo, or you can take a cruise around the canals for about 15 euro.

4. You’ll Get One of Europe’s Best Visual History Lessons

With more than 6,800 houses and buildings protected as monuments and dating from the 16th to the 20th century, Amsterdam boasts the largest historical inner city in Europe. The towering, sturdy warehouses and elegant homes built by wealthy merchants during Holland’s Golden Age (the 17th century) line the city’s canals and are perhaps its most distinguishing architectural features.

5. Unique, World-class Museums Abound

Take your pick: See the works of Dutch masters and treasures of a time when Amsterdam was the richest city in the world at the Rijksmuseum; learn about the styles and secrets of the man who could be considered Holland’s most interesting painter at the Van Gogh Museum; or walk through the tiny annex that a group of eight called home for two years during Nazi-occupied Amsterdam in World War II at the Anne Frank House. These are among the top museums in Amsterdam, but there are nearly 50 more to teach, entertain or move you.