Our aim is to organize a highly educational, professional and affordable congress with practical tools that can be used in daily practice. The uniqueness of CoPedia lies in our belief that by encouraging active participation in discussions and debates through direct speaker-audience interactions we can achieve the congress’ goal. 

In order to reach a widely accepted consensus, we seek many diverse opinions represented at the congress. Your participation and the participation of your colleagues play a critical role in helping to reach agreements on controversial issues within our field.

We want you to encourage your friends and colleagues to attend the congress and we want to reward you for actively promoting the congress. This is how it works:

When you refer friends and colleagues to register as new participants for CoPedia, not only will they enjoy a reduced registration fee, but we will also reward you with EUR 20.00 on each paid registration as a result of your referral.

Frequently asked Questions

Who can register for the CoPedia Congress?

  • Any individual interested in the field of pediatrics.

Who can invite colleagues and benefit from the referral program?

  • You will need to register and pay for the congress in order to benefit from the referral program. The referral program is only applicable to individual participants. For information about reduced group registration, please contact copedia.reghot@mci-group.com.

How much will I receive for the people that I?

  • You will be rewarded with EUR 20.00 for each participant that registers as a result of your referral.

Is there a limit to the amount of friends that I can refer?

  • No, there is no limit. So, for instance, if you bring10 colleagues, you will be entitled to EUR 200.00.

How will you know if I referred someone?

  • During the registration process, the registrant will be asked if he/she was referred by a friend. If yes, the registrant will be asked to enter your reference ID code.

Is there an incentive for my friends to put my reference ID code number when registering?

  • Yes, your friend will receive a discounted registration fee.

How and where will I get my reward?

  • When you arrive at the congress and pick up your badge, we will let you know if any of your friends registered with your reference ID code. If you have friend(s) who registered, you will be able to collect your money at the registration desk during the congress.

For more information please contact our office at copedia@congressmed.com