The 2nd CoPedia Congress will be the launching pad of a new experimental project designed to create protocols based on clinical trials conducted before the congress. Participants will be invited to actively conduct the research in their own clinics/hospitals. The results will be presented at the 3rd edition of the CoPedia Congress (2016) and eventually published as a paper in a pediatric journal. All project participants will be credited in the paper.

There will be a session (divided into two parts) at the upcoming 2nd CoPedia Congress dedicated to this new project. All participants are invited to attend and take part in the research. The topics which will serve as the basis for the research as follows:

1. Although relatively common, the management of febrile infants aged <2 months varies considerably among medical institutions, as it is a highly debatable issue. We have performed a national survey of all 25 inpatient  pediatric hospitals in Israel on the practices of fever evaluation of febrile infants aged ≤60 days  (Acta Paediatrica 2014; 103:379-85). We plan now to proceed to an international survey.

2. Gender medicine is not familiar to most pediatricians. Gender differences are not the focus in most of the studies in pediatrics. Response to treatment and side effects of medications may emphasize gender differences. Adolescents may serve as an appropriate population for this scope.

Participants are invited to begin sending their ideas for which questions/issues should be addressed in the trials. The suggestions can be sent to