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Board No.

01  A sudden prohylactic mastectomy decision and experiences of a nurse having the fear of breast cancer: Case report
Serife Zehra Altunkurek, Turkey

02  Psychosocial factors of incontinence in a population sample
Jodie Christine Avery, Australia

03  The pill with potentially fatal side-effects: The deadly risks of using diane-35 to treat polycystic ovary syndrome related abnormal uterine bleeding
Hengyu Chang, Taipei

04  The cardiac-obstetric registry of South Australia (Corosa)
Carr Men Chung, Australia

05  Term delivery following ruptured tubo-ovarian abscess in early pregnancy
Muriel Lacson Espana, Philippines

06  Obstetric management of a parturient with severe idiopathic scoliosis
Patricia Ann Africa Factor, Philippines

07  A challenge to diagnosis endometriosis versus ovarian cancer: A case series
Nur Rachmaniyah Fauziah, Indonesia

08  Reversal of medical termination and the significance of progesterone therapy
Debbie Garratt, Australia

09  Incidence of chlamydia trachomatis in women presenting with abnormal bleeding in pregnancy
Candice Maree Houda, Australia

10  Fetal micrognathia: Antenatal ultrasound diagnosis and postnatal outcomes
Helen Kaganov, Australia

11  The potential risks and etical problems of prenatal genetic screening tests for individuals: A literature review
Oznur Kavakli, Turkey

12  Serum value of CA-125 : Predictive marker of  preeclampsia ?
Jong In Kim, Korea

13  Adenomyomectomy with transient occlusion of uterine arteries for diffuse uterine adenomyosis: 120 cases of single institute
Jae Young Kwack, Korea

14  Enriched CD71(+) population by HPV-E6 protein exhibits cancer stem-like cells property and promotes radio-resistance in cervical cancer cells
Thomas Ho Yin Leung, Hong Kong

15  HPV-E6 protein enriches CD55(+) population in cervical cancer cells which promotes radio-resistance and cancer aggressiveness
Thomas Ho Yin Leung, Hong Kong

16  Terminate or conserve? Pregnancy in advanced stage lung adenocarcinoma
Raissa Liem, Indonesia

17  Common presentations of an uncommon disease-listeriotic in pregnancy
Karuna Mary Lional, Singapore

18  Case study: Treating infertility with traditional Chinese medicine
Verica Malinkova, Macedonia

19  The relationship between single embryo transfer rate and multiple pregnancy rate in Japan, nationwide data between 1992-2013
Syuichi Ooki, Japan

20  Final follicular maturation with two different GnrH agonists in GnrH antagonist down-regulated ICSI  patients: Triptorelin acetate versus leuprolide acetate triggering
Batuhan Özmen, Turkey

21  Effect of pioglitazone on IVF outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Il Hae Park, Korea

22  Serum CA 125,  CA19.9 levels and immunohistochemically analysis of matrix metalloprotein-9 in   endometriosis
Ki Hyun Park, Korea

23 Infertility and the importance of spirituality in coping with stress
Cicek Senture, Turkey

24  Dysmenorrhoea: Its severity and relationship to health and well-being in young Australian women
Asvini K Subasinghe, Australia

25  Can anti mullerian hormone be a predictor factor of metabolic syndrome in polycystic ovarian syndrome?
Cynthia agnes Susanto, Indonesia

26  Knowledge, attitude and challenges of exclusive breastfeeding among pregnant mothers in pulo- gadung sub-district community health centre
Astika Pramesti Tunggadewi, Indonesia

27  Does changing the stimulation protocol improve ovarian response in advanced age bologna criteria defined poor responders?
Kayhan Yakin, Turkey

28  Sonographic measurement of cervical length and risk of preterm delivery
Ajay Agrawal, Nepal

29  Idiopathic male hypogonadism due to mixed dysfunction of hypothalamus/pituitary and gonads origin reversion in male after hormone therapy. A case report.
Ana Belen Romay Bello, Spain

30  Dizygotic Twin Ivf Pregnancy With Singleton Live Fetus And One Spontaneous Miscarriage Fetus : Can We Conserve?
A Case Report
Amanda Rumondang, Indonesia


Publication only

Survey of the practice of counselling about risks and offering screening tests to detect Down syndrome in Egypt and the Arab world.
Amr Moneib, UK    

Isolate teratozoospermia does not associated with the lower pregnancy rate after intrauterine insemination (IUI)
Chang-Woo Choo, Korea

Improvement of pregnancy rate by intrauterine administration of dexamethasone and recombinant human leukaemia inhibitory factor at the time of embryo transfer in cattle
Sangho Roh, Korea