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22nd COGI Congress in Budapest, Hungary – September 17-19, 2015

What an amazing meeting!
Thomas Ebner, Austria

The COGI conference brings innovation and controversy in the fields of infertility and obstetrics together with informative debate and discussion. It was an excellent arena to inspire new developments in the field and make new contacts to develop with! Both the conference and the hospitality was of the highest standard and I would be pleased to attend future meetings.
Ciara Wright, Ireland

In my view the congress was successful in delivering the latest progresses in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Mahmoud Rahimi, Australia

Great update on many different topics by experts in the field!
Juan Antonio García Velasco, Spain

Congress program was very good especially endometriosis panel was excellent
Masoumeh Asgharnia, Iran

As someone who attended the first COGI congress in Prague, it has been a pleasure to see this activity emerge as a benchmark in postgraduate education! I congratulate Zion Ben-Rafael and wish him continued success and happiness in future endeavors!!
Frank A. Chervenak, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the GOGI in Budapest. The topics were exactly what I needed which is what attracted me to the meeting in the first place.
The timing was good and the organizers helpful. Looking forward to attend many more.
Mandy Abushama, Qatar

As always, it was a pleasure to join the COGI congress! Let me thank you once again for the interesting sessions.
Christian Egarter, Austria

A wide-ranging and interesting clinical education / update programme presented by top faculty.
David Mortimer, Canada

COGI was very interesting and I really enjoyed the fruitful debates among different views of speakers and opponents.
Islam Saadeldin, Egypt

This congress has been a wonderful experience especially for young doctors and scientists like myself, with many useful lectures, up-to-date scientific information and an opportunity to meet new colleagues from all over the world. Looking forward for the next COGI congresses in years to come.
Emina Ejubovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was a pleasure for me to participate at COGI-2015 Budapest meeting. As far as I could get an overview of the event, it was really great success.
Istvan Sziller, Hungary

I found it to be an excellent forum bridging many different specialties in reproductive medicine. I learnt many new things. And the organisation was excellent.
Barry J. Fuller, UK

I am very pleased that Budapest hosted the 22nd COGI Congress with over 1200 participants from all over the world. It was a great honor for me to chair the special session on preimplantation genetics organized by the Hungarian Human Reproduction Society where we welcomed the leading scientists of the field. Our fertility clinic, Versys Clinics Human Reproduction Institute represented itself with several speakers at COGI in Budapest. We held lectures in the field of preimplantation genetics, endoscopic surgery, psychology and endocrinology. Having been part of this truly inspirational congress made us even more dedicated and motivated in bringing the most innovative and effective techniques to Hungary.
Attila Vereczkey, Hungary

Wonderful conference, speakers from far and wide, Canada to Japan. Interesting programme incorporating controversies and hot topics in Obs, Gyn and infertility. Single platform with opportunity to learn, teach, share and networking.
Narmada  Katakam, UK

Very well organised, great communication, interesting lectures. Beautiful country.
Ricardas Gelzinis, Lithuania

I am very glad that I was able to participate in the Congress. The program of the Congress was interesting. I mostly visited sections on obstetrics. All the new information I provide to colleagues in the perinatal center and the regional society of obstetricians and gynaecologists. I hope to be able to participate in the following congresses. Thanks to the organizing Committee and all speakers.
Svetlana Posokhova, Ukraine

In September 2015 we exhibited for the first time at the COGI in Budapest. It provided an excellent opportunity to meet doctors and scientists from all over the world in a very professional and at the same time relaxed atmosphere. The organization is very good and we received support for all our questions and concerns before and during the congress. We are already looking forward to 2016!
Simon Pavlović, Liechtenstein

Very interesting meeting. Was a great experience to meet scientists from different part of the world and share with them ideas and opinion.
Romualdo Sciorio, UK

Thesis- antithesis and synthesis – this is how the science evolves. By bringing controversial issues in medicine together COGI help everyone to evolve.
Definitely COGI is the most memorable educational events always presented by hot topics and shared by the top experts.
Eduard Hambartsoumian, Armenia

I truly like to participate at COGI conferences. Venues are always very special. The organization is excellent! It is an open platform with plenty of time to interact with well picked top speakers. There is no politics involved, so you can speak openly without having to worry about hurting others feelings. Especially the sessions “Debate” and “Hot controversies” make COGI a unique conference. Congratulations to all involved making COGI one of the world best conferences in our field of interest.
Nicolas Zech, Austria

The 22nd edition of any meeting speaks for itself. I immensely enjoyed the 22nd COGI which provided many opportunities to interact with its world-class faculty.
Baris Ata, Turkey

I have been attending as a speaker and as an assistant for at least the last 12 COGIs, and honestly, it’s a scientific meeting that one cannot miss. The reasons are clear, first it touches all issues of interest to our specialty, whatever your subspecialty it will be present. Moreover, and for me one of the most interesting, are the debates and controversies. Finally, talk about the new treatments and guidelines that have just appeared or will appear in the near future, this allows to stay ahead of the field. All these reasons are enough to invite you to participate in this scientific forum as COGI is.
Santiago Palacios, Spain

I have participated in several COGI congresses and I always found that the vast topics in each congress, the list of top speakers and the up-to-date information given is enriching and helps me a lot in my daily practice and the state of the art information I can give to my patients. I highly recommend this congress to my fellow physicians.
Eitan Peer, Israel