I very much enjoyed the meeting. Thank you for inviting me. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I would be happy to join you next year.
Prof. Anjan Chatterjee, USA
Thank you so very much for the invitation-it was a great meeting. I very much look forward to joining you at the next DDDN Congress.
Prof. Michael Chopp, USA
I thought it was a terrific conference in all respects. Very engaged audience and very interesting topics. I loved the meeting and the interaction with many old friends and new friends. Thank you for inviting me.
Prof. Nancy Richert, USA
A stimulating and novel approach to critical issues in neurology, allowing for extensive discussions of clinical handling and practice.
Prof. Michael Brainin, Austria
A highly informative session with world experts in several controversial areas of cerebrovascular disease.
Prof. Leo Bonati, Switzerland
A nice, calm, relaxed, well organised multidisciplinary congress where I learned things that I would not have learned if I only attended meetings strictly within my narrow functional neurosurgery field.
Prof. Marwan Hariz, UK
An excellent meeting, very high quality speakers and opportunities for interaction – a welcome alternative to some of the larger events.
Dr Hannah Cock, UK
A fabulous meeting of the best minds engaged in solving the diseases of the brain.
Prof. Jason Karlawish, USA
I found the DDDN Congress both interesting and fun. There was a good mix of senior and younger attendees, the science was superb and the format allowed informative dialogue with the audience.
Robert Griggs, USA
The DDDN congress provided a unique opportunity for clinicians, investigators and basic science researchers to convene on the topics relating to therapeutic advances in neuroscience. A key part of the meeting was the wonderful opportunity for informal dialogue between colleagues - sharing priorities and strategies.
Prof. Brenda Banwell, USA