Board No.

P01 Neurovespina: New peptide for the treatment of neurological diseases
       Lilian Carneiro dos Anjos, Brazil

P02 Tracking transplanted adipose-derived stem cells in central nervous system with GFP-Luc gene reporter
       Mario Faustino Muñoz, Spain

P03 Beneficial effect of agomelatine on diabetes-induced depression and cognitive deficites in rats
       Umut İrfan Üçel, Turkey

P04 A novel role of microglial nadph oxidase in mediating extra-synaptic function of norepinephrine in regulating brain                  immune homeostasis
       Lulu Jiang, China

P05 Retina examination in neurodegenerative diseases
       Umur A. Kayabasi, Turkey

P06 3’,4’,7-trihydroxyflavone prevents apoptotic cell death in neuronal cells from hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress
       Seung-Hwan Kwon, Korea

P07 Assessment of the neurotherapeutic activity of the recombinant heat shock protein Hsp70 in the rat model of                        Parkinson’s disease
       Daria Plaksina, Russian Federation

P08 Role of the combination therapy of pioglitazone and simvastatin in lipopolysaccharide induced Alzheimer’s disease              model in mice
       Nesrine Salah El Dine El Sayed, Egypt

P09 Biological and chemical properties of fragment peptides derived from neurotoxic proteins

       Toshifumi Akizawa, Japan

P10 Reversibility of murine motor deficits following hemi-craniectomy and cranioplasty
       Brian Thomas Andrews, USA

P11 Chronic meningoencephalitis worse after rituximab
       Sara Bedmar, Spain

P12 Gabapentin as the first line treatment in neuropathic pain in dogs: Indirect measurements of the pain degree and its              evolution over time
       Alejandro Benzal, Spain

P13 Chronic stress is a risk factor contributing to amplify and accelerate Alzheimer’s disease features in the hippocampus
       Alejandro Carrillo Jimenez, Spain

P14 Intranasal ex-4 improved learning and memory after chronic TBI
       Neelima B. Chauhan, USA

P15 Determination of carcinogenic stem cell lineage markers related with tumour topography and survival
       Elda Chavez Cortez, Mexico

P16 The potassium eliminating therapy for the refractory status epilepticus to prevent the cardiotoxicity
       Yun-Ju Choi, Korea

P17 Antioxidant treatment protects brain against ischemia-reperfusion injury through insulin receptor activation
       Kangho Choi, Korea

P18 Design and production of a IgY immunotoxins to eliminate CD133+ glioma cells
       Georgina Cortéz Chávez, Mexico

P19 From neurodegeneration to neurorehabilitation: The quadrato motor training model
       Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan, Italy

P20 Pharmacotherapy for intellectual disability and Alzheimer’s disease in down syndrome: The challenges and                          the imperatives of mouse models and preclinical evaluations at the molecular level
       Katheleen Gardiner, USA

P21 Functional dyspepsia in patients with Parkinson’s disease: What to do?
       Costin Georgescu, Romania

P22 Imaging of cerebral malaria
       Jacob Golenser, Israel

P23 Hydrocephalus reduces the cell proliferation and increases fractone complexity in the adult subventricular-ventricular            zone
       Oscar Gonzalez-Perez, Mexico

P24 The effects of a six-week motorized aquatic treadmill exercise program on cardiorespiratory fitness and walking                    endurance in subacute stroke patients
       Sang Hee Im, Korea

P25 Topiramate: Preventional treatment of migrane
       Adi Jakupi, Macedonia

P26 Early ambulation in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage is safe and feasible, and did not result in                  increased cerebral vasospasm
       Youngjin Jung, Korea

P27 Small volume plasma exchange in the treatment of Guillain-Barré Syndrome
       Meena A. Kannan, India

P28 Longitudinal model of tau pathology allows analysis of different therapeutic options and choice of optimal biomarker
       Tatiana Karelina, Russian Federation

P29 A case of diffusion and ADC map alterations associated with complex partial status
       Youngjin Kim, Korea

P30 The clinical importance of f-waves as a prognostic factor in children with Guillain-Barré Syndrome
       Saeyoon Kim, Korea

P31 Treatment of acute carbon monoxide poisoning with induced hypothermia
       Jin Kim, Korea

P32 Measures of speech deviations associated with neurological diseases: Implication for assessment and treatment
       Yunjung Kim, USA

P33 Cervical spinal dural arteriovenous fistula with extradural hematoma in child: A case report
       Jangjoon Lee, Korea

P34 Involvement of the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway in sulfuretin-induced protection against amyloid beta25-35 neurotoxicity
       Shi-Xun Ma, Korea

P35 The role of phosphorus dendrimers in αlpha-synuclein fibrillation
       Katarzyna Milowska, Poland

P36 Blood pressure variability predicts both early neurological deterioration and functional outcome in ischemic stroke
       Mi Sun Oh, Korea

P37 Combination of therapeutic hypothermia and insulin-like growth factor-I in ischemic stroke rats: Effect on biomarker              concentration and infarct size
       Pieter Olivier, Belgium

P38 The correlation of cognitive decline and inflammatory response biomarkers level after artery bypass grafting operation
       Dmitriy A. Ovchinnikov, Russian Federation

P39 Combination of therapeutic hypothermia and insulin-like growth factor-1 in ischemic stroke rats: Effect on infarct size            and neurological outcome
       Arnaud Roger Gabrielle Gilberte Potvin, Belgium

P40 Inhibition of proteasome induces death of neural cells via different cell death mechanisms
       Peter Racay, Slovakia

P41 Effect of l-kynurenine, 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid and 3-hydroxykynurenine on cupper toxicity in primary cultured                    astrocytes
       Daniela Ramírez Ortega, Mexico

P42 Gross motor function classification system-family report questionnaire (GMFCS-FR): Reliability between special                  education teachers and caregivers
       Sirinan Ramrit, Thailand

P43 Isolated oculomotor nerve palsy associated with meningitis
       Jong-Geun Seo, Korea

P44 The protective effect of turmeric against neuroaflatoxicosis
       Ahmed Abd-Elmageid Soffar, Egypt

P45 Pine needle extract enhances hippocampal memory activity in scopolamine-induced amnesia mouse model
       Chang Gue Son, Korea

P46 Challenges in implementing the ethical and legal provisions for testing advanced technology apps with seniors                      diagnosed with neurocognitive disorders
       Alexandru Sterea, Romania

P47 Recruitment of calbindin into nigral dopaminergic neurons prevents from MPTP-induced parkinsonism
       Masahiko Takada, Japan

P48 Influence of the LILRA3 deletion on Multiple Sclerosis risk: A meta-analysis
       Elena Urcelay, Spain

Posters P01-P08 will also be presented in the Flash Oral Session on Saturday, September 5 from 17:45-18:30.